Adam's Room

Adam has a big room, because his parents are very rich. In one corner of the tidied up room there is a high cupboard with a lot of trophies in it, because he is the captain of the football team. Between the expensive bed the new sofa is a computer with the latest technology. Next to the window is a bookshelf with many books in it. On his night desk there is his key for his new Audi A5. Adam has a lot of dumbbells in his room.

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Special Object (Amy)

Amy's special object is a diary. There she can write down certain things which occupy herself. For example, she has an argument with her father and then she can "tell" her diary her thoughts and a book can not say nothing. When Amy tells her worries a friend he or she may can not understand her mind.

 The diary is black. It should not be noticeable because her personal thoughts are written down in it and nobody is allowed to read it.

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Amy's reaction to the Colour Game

On the beginning Amy thinks that the Colour Game is only a game and anyone could take it so serious. But during the experiment her opinion changes and she does not like how the lower colours be treated because the higher colours have more rights. The rules are unfair. Therefore, Amy wants to change something that everybody have the same rights.

Firstly, she tries to convince her mates of the Colour Game's disadvantages alone but this does not work. Then she gets help from her friends and they start a revolt. So the Colour Games ends and Amy is very happy about this.

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Relationship between Amy and Adam

Before the Colour Game:

They love them each other. But Amy thinks Adam is not interested in her friends and thougts because they usually speak about Adam. Adam wants Amy for himself and so he keeps her from her old friends. Amy does what Adam wants.

During the Colour Game:

There are consequences between Amy and Adam because they only are allowed to meet after school. Besides, Amy is disappointed in Adam. He starts a meeting with schoolmates and says nothing to Amy. But when Amy gets an Orange the situation changes and the relationship between her and Adam becomes better and Amy catches more self-confidence.


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Film review-

The film which has been made in the 80s based of a book with the same name. It is written by Gloria D. Miklowitz. I expected from the film that it shows clearly the book's main subjects.

The movie starts off with a film which some pupil watch in class. After this you get the first impression of the relationships between some people. Amy and Adam like each other and Amy's father gets on with his daughter, too. That is followed by the Colour Game. It is an experiment by a teacher. He is called Mr Otero and gives every pupil a coloured armband. There are three colours which symbolize a state in society. The Blues are the highest and have the most rights. Pupil with green bands form the middle classes and the lowest colour is orange. Because of Adam's orange band he is not allowed to talk to Amy, who is a Blue. But they still meet and so Amy becomes an Orange. After some arguments Amy notices that the Colour Game is bad for her friendships. She and other pupil decide to make a revolt and in the end all people are happy. 

When I watch the movie the characters of Amy, her father an Adam are sympathetic but I do not like Brian. He is a G4. The G4s keep an eye on the pupil of the experiment that they follow the rules and they punish violations of rules.

On my opinion, the film is very bad because the actors are horrible and not believable. Also, the music is inappropriate and tedious. Besides, the dialoges are boring and the movie based on a hackneyed story.

All in all, the movie is no good and not recommended.

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First scene between Amy and her father

(Amy comes home too late and her parents wait in the kitchen. They are angry because Amy does not stick to the bargain that she comes back from the school dance at one o'clock.)

(Amy wears a dress and in her hear she has a red hibiscus. Around her neck hangs a ginger lei. She stands in front of her parents who sit with pyjamas on chairs.)


father: Why do you come so late? It's after two. I have said that you should be back at home at one o'clock!                  

Amy: Yes, I'm sorry.

father: It's not enough to be sorry. Why do you come home too late?

Amy: All my friends were there and it was very funny to dance with them.

(Amy's dad stands up.)

father: I think you come just too late becuase of this boy who goes wtih you to the dance. If you go out with a Japanese boy that won't happen. Adam misses the respect against us.

Amy: His name is Adam and he is a good boy and I like him very much. Why don't you accept that?

father: Because he doesn't know our traditions and he shows no respect. But I think it's enough, now. I'm your father and you have to do what I say. Go to bed!

Amy: Mama, say something! Papa is not right.

mother: I think such as your father. You should listen to him and than it's all good.

(Amy notices that she can not do anything against her parents. She actually does not try to change her parents' mind because it is not usual for her to raise her voice. So she goes to bed sadly.)

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Write a short comment on how Amy and Carol react to Brian in the mall

Amy and Carol meet in the mall and go to McDonald's. Their they see Brian. He is a G4 and so Carol shows him her dark green band and her notebook. That shows that Carol takes the color game very seriously.

Amy has her blue band at home. Brian thinks that Amy has forgotten it and takes it not serious because blues have more rights. But Amy says to Brian that she has decided not to wear it when she is not in school. She dislikes the color game and so Brian notices her attitude.

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