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I would like to write something about chapter six of our book. Chapter six of the novel 'The War between the Classes', written by Gloria D. Miklowitz, is about Amy when she notices how big the consequences are of the status in society.

First, Amy helps Bettina in math. Bettina is the little sister of Adam and she tells Amy that her mother, Mrs. Tarcher has prejudices against Oriental girls. She things that Oriental girls are good in math and science but white girls not.

Amy feels uncomfortable and wants to go home. On the way to the door of Adam's home Amy meets Mrs. Tarcher. They speak about Bettina and Mrs. Tarcher calls Amy 'Eileen'. She does not like Amy because she is not white.

 With many bad thoughts Amy leaves the house. Outside thei she meets Adam and she is such happy that she forgots the talk with Mrs. Tarcher. But Amy has to talk about it a few minutes later and Adam makes Amy feel happy again.

Also, they talk about the color game. Adam notices that is it not nice to be a lower class person. It is not like he had lives before in his perfect life. The color game lets him think about many things.

Than a policeman comes. At the first moment he is very strict but Adam says that he lives in this neighborhood. After the policeman had heard that he is amiable to the teenagers and drives away. That Amy lets think about something what hat happened to her brother. He meets a policeman, too. But that policeman had been very strict. That shows Amy the differences of races in the society clearly.

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Charakterization (Amy)

Emiko Sumoto is a 17-year-old girl. Her nickname is Amy. She has long black straight hair down to her shoulders and almond-shaped eyes.

She lives with her parents, who came from Japan, in a middle-class house. She also has an older brother. His name is Hideo.

 At her school there is a boy who likes her very much. He calles Adam and goes with Amy to the school dance. At this evening she is nervous because she is in love with Adam and likes to spend time with him. So she comes home late and her parents get angry. They say that Amy is not allowed to see Adam for a week. Amy is very sad about this but she says nothing against her parents. That shows that Amy respects her parents.

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