First scene between Amy and her father

(Amy comes home too late and her parents wait in the kitchen. They are angry because Amy does not stick to the bargain that she comes back from the school dance at one o'clock.)

(Amy wears a dress and in her hear she has a red hibiscus. Around her neck hangs a ginger lei. She stands in front of her parents who sit with pyjamas on chairs.)


father: Why do you come so late? It's after two. I have said that you should be back at home at one o'clock!                  

Amy: Yes, I'm sorry.

father: It's not enough to be sorry. Why do you come home too late?

Amy: All my friends were there and it was very funny to dance with them.

(Amy's dad stands up.)

father: I think you come just too late becuase of this boy who goes wtih you to the dance. If you go out with a Japanese boy that won't happen. Adam misses the respect against us.

Amy: His name is Adam and he is a good boy and I like him very much. Why don't you accept that?

father: Because he doesn't know our traditions and he shows no respect. But I think it's enough, now. I'm your father and you have to do what I say. Go to bed!

Amy: Mama, say something! Papa is not right.

mother: I think such as your father. You should listen to him and than it's all good.

(Amy notices that she can not do anything against her parents. She actually does not try to change her parents' mind because it is not usual for her to raise her voice. So she goes to bed sadly.)

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Ms Mettjes (7.4.11 00:15)
Hi Gwen,

VERY NICE introductory paragraph! I see you have grasped the importance of describing the outward appearance of the characters.
More details would be nice, but for a start and the first time you're doing this kind of thing, it's not bad!
I'd like to use your text in class tomorrow. We'll talk about improving your text there!

Ms Mettjes

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