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The film which has been made in the 80s based of a book with the same name. It is written by Gloria D. Miklowitz. I expected from the film that it shows clearly the book's main subjects.

The movie starts off with a film which some pupil watch in class. After this you get the first impression of the relationships between some people. Amy and Adam like each other and Amy's father gets on with his daughter, too. That is followed by the Colour Game. It is an experiment by a teacher. He is called Mr Otero and gives every pupil a coloured armband. There are three colours which symbolize a state in society. The Blues are the highest and have the most rights. Pupil with green bands form the middle classes and the lowest colour is orange. Because of Adam's orange band he is not allowed to talk to Amy, who is a Blue. But they still meet and so Amy becomes an Orange. After some arguments Amy notices that the Colour Game is bad for her friendships. She and other pupil decide to make a revolt and in the end all people are happy. 

When I watch the movie the characters of Amy, her father an Adam are sympathetic but I do not like Brian. He is a G4. The G4s keep an eye on the pupil of the experiment that they follow the rules and they punish violations of rules.

On my opinion, the film is very bad because the actors are horrible and not believable. Also, the music is inappropriate and tedious. Besides, the dialoges are boring and the movie based on a hackneyed story.

All in all, the movie is no good and not recommended.

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Ms Mettjes (10.5.11 02:16)

you have really put the material handed out in class to good use. Very good, I like that - and, obviously, it makes for a good mark for your vocab and the structure.
However, you should vary your sentence structure more often. Use the passive voice, participles, connect clauses etc. This would really improve your style. Remember that this is an important part of your mark in the exam!

Language trouble:
"This film, which came out in the 1980s, is based on..."
-> you should state the main topics here, as you mention them!
- "some pupils"
- "This is followed"
- Mr Otero is not called Mr Otero in the film!
- "She and other pupils"
- "When I watched the movie" (but you don't really need this phrase)
- "keep an eye on the pupils of the experiment and ensure that they follow..."
- "In my opinion,"
- "movie is based ona hackneyed story"
-> That last paragraph ("In my opinion")is rather good. The paragraph before that one could do with a little more detail.

Ms Mettjes

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