Relationship between Amy and Adam

Before the Colour Game:

They love them each other. But Amy thinks Adam is not interested in her friends and thougts because they usually speak about Adam. Adam wants Amy for himself and so he keeps her from her old friends. Amy does what Adam wants.

During the Colour Game:

There are consequences between Amy and Adam because they only are allowed to meet after school. Besides, Amy is disappointed in Adam. He starts a meeting with schoolmates and says nothing to Amy. But when Amy gets an Orange the situation changes and the relationship between her and Adam becomes better and Amy catches more self-confidence.


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Ms Mettjes (10.5.11 02:00)

this text could be more detailed. After all, it deals with one of the most important aspects of the novel!
Moreover, there is no textual evidence.
If you had worked on this task more thoroughly, you would probably have written a better exam, as this would have been a perfect starting point for the analysis!


"they love each other"
"consequences between" - what do you mean?
better: "when Amy becomes an Orange"
- "Amy gains more self-confidence"

Ms Mettjes

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