Amy's reaction to the Colour Game

On the beginning Amy thinks that the Colour Game is only a game and anyone could take it so serious. But during the experiment her opinion changes and she does not like how the lower colours be treated because the higher colours have more rights. The rules are unfair. Therefore, Amy wants to change something that everybody have the same rights.

Firstly, she tries to convince her mates of the Colour Game's disadvantages alone but this does not work. Then she gets help from her friends and they start a revolt. So the Colour Games ends and Amy is very happy about this.

3.5.11 15:05


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Ms Mettjes (10.5.11 01:57)

"In the beginning, "
"no one could take it seriously"
" how the lower colors are treated"
"something: She wants everybody to have the same rights"

Ms Mettjes

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