Special Object (Amy)

Amy's special object is a diary. There she can write down certain things which occupy herself. For example, she has an argument with her father and then she can "tell" her diary her thoughts and a book can not say nothing. When Amy tells her worries a friend he or she may can not understand her mind.

 The diary is black. It should not be noticeable because her personal thoughts are written down in it and nobody is allowed to read it.

4.5.11 19:22


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Ms Mettjes (10.5.11 01:56)

I think a diary is a good idea. You have obviously understood that Amy is a girl who thinks a lot. Yes, I think she is the kind of person who keeps a diary.


- - "which occupy her mind"
- "and a book cannot reply" (is that what you mean?)
- "tells her worries to a friend, he or she might not be able to"

Ms Mettjes

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